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Itineraries in Sustainable Beauty

Our experiences are designed for people like you, who have already visited Italy of mass tourism, and now want to have a more personal and intimate contact with his or her passions. Craftmanship Lovers, Heritage Lovers, Art Lovers, Design Lovers: choose the mood of your next trip.

With us, Italy is more Beautiful than you think.







We will inspire you to cross the Italian villages, starting from the Excellences of Firenze, Bologna, Rimini, Venezia, Milano, by ringing experiences which narrate our Bel Paese, and which we selected with a 2 hours maximum of travelling. They are not designed for normal tourist, but for a traveller, who can move from an emotion to another, to write pages about the story of his or her life.


More inspirations

Yes travel!

The journey as an all-encompassing experience to do in peace time and emotions

We feel that expanding horizons, not just Tourism, Creating relationships between people who live the same experience is the best opportunity to immerse themselves in eco sustainable activities of excellence and make sure that eyes and hearts can learn to recognise beauty.

The real one.

The timeless one. The universal one.

Beauty made of inspiration, of little things, of shared joys. We know that only far from the madding crowd you can discover new paths and ancient values and that the circuits less beaten by tourism are the bread of the soul that others like you like to nourish.

It is The heart of BeauTrip that beats to the discovery of the refined and exclusive Italian Beauties, made of an informal luxury that many, but not everyone can afford.

Proud of our Network

Artisans, artists, owners of historic houses, art lovers, hotels and relais, foundations and research institutes. We select them and we train them following the Beautrip Method.

We meet personally and we create a network in order to realize local ethical projects, and put together our forces and resources.

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