New Renaissance Bottega in Florence


Discover Florence New Renaissance

Florence, a city mostly known for its glorious past, is undergoing a new sort of Renaissance trend , whose artists are the next generation of makers.

Only here it’s possible to preserve the time-honoured traditions of craftmanship and designing a new species of luxury, for those who defy labels and dare to be different.

A fascinating walk to discover traditional craftworks and edgy innovative designers, admire skillfull hands, browse hidden locations and learn the stories behind these leading actors of a timeless creativity.

Pure Essence


It is a real dream journey to the center of the Earth that you will accomplish with a perfumer artist, a suggestive artisan with a mystical vein that moves like a great theater actor on the stage of his collected space, crammed with hundreds of beautiful and mysterious bottles of precious masterpieces!
What do you know about perfumes? Centuries have passed since the dawn of time, but still today the perfume retains 7 classes of functions: Sacred (let us think of the purifying incense in the church), Seductive (from the Queen of Egypt to the modern Cleopatra), Aristocratic (niche perfumes are for few ), Ludica (gives pleasure), Vitale (transfers strength and confidence), Identitaria (evokes people or events), Medica or wellness (let us think of aromatherapy).
In the journey that takes place through the perfume, the top notes, the envol in French, open the dances; the central ones, which are perceived after a few minutes, are the notes of the heart. After several hours, the base notes appear, those that are inextricably linked to our experience.
And how do you smell yourself? It is well known that perfume and seduction are intimately linked and the sense of smell plays a fundamental role in the ritual of the approach between people.