Coffee Tasting Experience


1 hour tasting 3 different kind of coffee and 3 different kind of brewing with a world top ranking taster.

Coffee is the elixir of life for many people. We drink every 160 liters per capita and year. Many out there do not even know what they are drinking. The main thing is to wake up.

Coffee is like a good wine – it depends on the right cultivation, the right harvesting method and above all the right roasting and preparation. What distinguishes a supermarket coffee from a specialty coffee of small coffee roasters?

Target group: Everyone who loves coffee and wants to know how coffee still tastes. People who are interested in filter coffee and its brewing methods. No previous knowledge required. Duration: 60 minutes maybe more!  Angelo has a lot to speak!

Only small groups: 6 people is the maximum


Increase your awareness by tasting.

Learn the differences between the manyCoffee Tasting Experience

Discover the Flavors of Premium Gourmet Coffee

Though detailed descriptions of gourmet coffee taste characteristics may sound to some people like just so much highbrow jargon, the coffee flavor terminology is actually an attempt to solve a very difficult problem—putting into words what the human senses perceive as we savor these premium coffees from around the globe.

Describing gourmet coffee flavors can be challenging because it is often hard to describe (and compare) the multitude of distinct tastes and smells our senses perceive

1 review for Coffee Tasting Experience

  1. Chiara

    Esperienza unica, eccellente, entusiasmante. Si scoprono i segreti delle miscele, della preparazione, della degustazione del caffè dalla viva voce di un esperto degustatore. Da fare!

    • mrs bright

      Grazie Chiara! È stato un piacere incontrarti. Ti aspetto a provare le altre esperienze Beautrip!

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