Fellini Dolce Vita Style Experience


If le sorelle fontana didn’t designed the black dress of the Trevi Fountain weared by Anita Ekberg in la Dolce vita , Federico fellini and the movie would be as famous as they are now? And what if you can live the same experience as Anita: going to an atelier and design with an excellent stylist your dream dress, created on your bodyshape to enhance your beauty?


Maybe is the black dress of the Trevi fountain  that Anita Ekberg dressed in the movie “la Dolce vita”, or maybe is another dress that you would wear as a modern Diva, for a shoot with federico fellini the famous director, remembering the magical femininity of the 50s.

In this experience you will go to a private atelier and with a super skilled stylist create an outfit, a dress from your dreams with the quality tailoring of the made in Italy.
You will choose the style, the fabrics, the model, and they will tailor-made the dress fitted for your body. you will be gorgeous and beautiful. Are you ready for the ball?

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  1. daniela

    Discover a new femininity made my vacation days happier. I will change my clothes in the closet!

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