Cashmere Experience



Goat Therapy


You can restore your soul touching the goats, hearing the natural sounds of the nature with these kind animals, (little bells!) and improve your culture learning how cashmere is made from the goats coats.

You can see the different activities needed before you get the thread: a precious, and valuable thread for high fashion pullover.

Luigi and Silvia are wonderful and fascinating people: they will welcome you in their kitchen offering a good tea and homemade pastry (Silvia will cook for you). Don’t be surprise entering and  listening to good opera music: Callas and Carreras on the background inspire your mind and Luigi will share with you his passion for opera.


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Goat Therapy

Hiking with the Goats

Cashmere Goats are different from sheeps and from other goats. Of course they are super soft!

But the real amazing thing is that they are not afraid by the humans: so it’s easy to touch them, to feed them and to brush their marvelous hair.

The most “human goat” I’ve ever met is called Vito. Vito was a little cashmere goat, without parents at his born. Silvia had feed him with milk from the bottle, and now he’s strong and soft as no other.

The life of Vito is shared with Brigitta (remember Brigitte Bardot bangs?), TreOrecchie, and Fonzie (yes he’s the dominant goats -latin lover!) and 13 other cashmere goats and 2 beautiful sheep dogs.

Twice a year there is a Transumanza: the goats are going to change their everyday landscape, discovering new panoramas. In a line they move from the house of Luigi and Silvia and all together we walk up to the hills into a new green lawns


Saturday mornings: Meeting point at 10 am, finish roundly at 12.30 pm.

Can’t find the date you are interested in? Request it here.


Cashmere Experience

Price include:
-touching the goats
-information on goats life

-products made in cashmere

-lifecycle of cashmere production

-food and drink break with natural home made pastry 0 miles.

Owners wants 4 days notice

Children are allowed. Animals allowed: Be careful consider that there are 2 sheep dogs.

Write us for special issues.

Admission:  1 up to maximum 8 people.


Place: Italy, San Leo, Rimini countryside.

2h 30min from Florence, 1h 30 min from Bologna, 3h from Venice, 2h 15 min from Gubbio, 1h 15min from Faenza

Arriving at San Leo Cashmere is like to arrive in Ireland or some-other untainted, unspoiled landscape, with one difference: on the horizon you can see one of the “I Borghi più belli d’Italia”,  one of the most beautiful villages of Italy—:: San Leo.


Luigi Selleri

Luigi and Silvia are an amazing couple: they share their love for nature and for the rhythm of nature, with all the guests. They welcome you as a friend, and suddenly you are part of the crew that make the free-life of these amazing goats a happy life to live.  Silvia is a charming woman, with many interests: calligraphy, travelling, ceramics and of course knitting. Luigi is a Lord in the manner: a cultural farmer, that changed his life (this is his Plan B) for a Better quality of the everyday life.


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weekends, mond-friday


Normal (over 10 years), Free (under 10 years)


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