Leonardo da Vinci by the sea. Tuscany hills and seaside architecture of the Genius

From Florence to the Sea. Hills of Tuscany Tour, Walking in the shoes of Leonardo Da Vinci.

This is a very special itinerary discovering the architecture of the genius Leonardo, driving in the middle of  beautiful landscapes of Tuscany towards the blue waters of the sea.

In this special offer you will have 2 cultural experience for heritage lovers, 2 food and wine experiences, and 2 natural experiences.

the itinerary could last as many day you want: just tell us which is your kind of trip: are you a slow tourist, a sustainable tourist, super-scheduled tourist or…?
define your mood!
we will offer you the trip that suits perfectly with your interests!

For example?
are you a couple,
or a small group of friends travelling?

are you a solo woman travelling? painmoon means something for you?

Choice of Cities: Florence , Montalcino, Montepulciano, Vinci, Marradi, Faenza, Rimini, Cesenatico, Parco San Bartolo.

Only on request, contact us for personalized journey, starting price  7000€/person

**Run away immediatley: special events from the 5th – 15th of june 2019 -with Festivals (arts, ….) running during the journey