Nature essence Experience – Mythology of trees Walk with the Artist Simona Rinciari



Camminata nella natura accompagnati dall’artista Simona Rinciari appassionata in mitologia degli alberi. Da botanica-artista darà delicate suggestioni che provengono tanto dal mondo dei biologi quanto da quello degli studiosi dell’anima, con molta semplicità





Place: Rimini. Emilia Romagna region.

1h 10 min from Bologna, 2h  from Venice, 2h 20 min from Gubbio, 45 min from Faenza, 1h min from Ravenna.


Simona Rinciari

Sicilian artist, living in lovely Santarcangelo di Romagna village (in Romagna)  she attended the Higher School of Art applied to industry at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, the Italian window dressing academy, and was an assistant to the painter Nino Mustica. She is passionate about the history of religions and the American poet Ezra Pound, to whom she has dedicated research and works. He has cultivated philosophical studies with particular interest in Neoplatonism, studies on the metamorphosis of plants and on angelic iconography.

In addition to painting, he has made installations, videos, a documentary on psychiatry at the La Borde Clinic in France. Artist invited to the 41st Sulmona Prize, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art 2014

As metals she uses brass, silver and 21 and 24 carat gold. The metalwork is entirely handmade. She has exhibited his creations in Italy and in various European cities.

Her jewels are present in the catalog “Contemporary Italian Jewelery” edited by Alba Cappellieri, ed. Skira, 2008

She is among the artists invited by Aboca, “abocaforecology“, International Lectures on Nature and Human Ecology, meetings with biologists, naturalists, artists and philosophers to deepen the relationship between man and nature from a scientific and philosophical point of view.



The Experience of walking with her open-air laboratory is unique whether you are a skilled gardening lover or whether you adore mythology and the special relationship between humans and nature

Group size : min 4 – max 15.

Write us for special issues

Single person who are intentioned to join a group or to live the experience in a group (up to 4 people) please send us an  email to experience@beautrip.it : we will notice if there is any availability and the special prize.

Booking terms/cancellation policy :

Release :  min 72 hrs from the requested date / availability ONLY upon Beautrip confirmation on the requested date.

Cancellation : NO REFUND if booking is cancelled within 2 days of the experience date


Mornings: starts at PM 10.30 – finish at 12.00 am  – 1 hr

15th May – 16th May

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15/05, 16/05


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