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Opera-Experience. Listen to an Opera from the first Row. Be deeply involved by the music. You’ll be so close to the singer as if you had the concert in your living room. The Best Arias in the history of Opera.

The ingredients for the Beautrip’s experiences are: a hidden and uncrowded location, a reduced number of participants and the opportunity for a personal inner and cultural growth.
So, let’s take a little deconsecrated church beyond the Arno river in Florence, an audience of few people and company of professional musicians, actors and opera singers (among the best in Italy). The opportunity to witness this close to an opera concert, makes the experience breathtaking.

Reserve your Best experiences in Italy in your next week-end or in your transformative travel.

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Opera Experience. Listen to an Opera from the first Row. Be deeply involved by the music. You’ll be so close to the singer as if you had the concert in your living room.

The Italian Opera Florence’s exhibitions are overwhelming and the emotion that one feels listening to these lyric opera singers literally makes your veins vibrate.

No microphone needed

to amplify the sound in your head: you are so close to the singers!.


Every day: Meeting point at 9.15 pm, finish roundly at 10.30 pm.

Would you celebrate a special event exclusively with the singers? Request it here.


Listening the most famous opera arias by Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, Bellini, Rossini and many more in the unique atmosphere of the Santa Monaca Church in Florence. The singers often are choosen among the Best Opera Singers in Italy: many artists belong to the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

The talented singers will by accompanied by a piano.

Price include:
-first row seats
-concert of 65 minutes

Write us for special issues.

Admission:  1 up to maximum 20 people.


Place: Florence, Tuscany. Historical centre.


David Boldrini

Artistic director of Italian Opera Florence he creates the lyric repertoire as director and sometimes as concert conductor of the Experience.

Winner of more than fifty worldwide and national competitions as a pianist,  he  had tour all over the world. He played by the most prestigious rooms such as Carnegie Hall in New York, by the side of musician as Katia Ricciarelli, Andrea Bocelli, Maria Luigi Borsi, Bruno Canino.

His energy and his creativity are both huge. He his talented for new Operas, because he has a deep knowledge and strong basis on the history of classic music.


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Ticket Price

Adults (over 25 years), Youngs and Students (under 25)


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