Renaissance Decoration


The ingredients for the Beautrip’s experiences are: a hidden and uncrowded location, a reduced number of participants and the opportunity for a personal inner and cultural growth.
So, let’s take some time to spend with a Master of Ceramic. Sitting beside a Master is a Great Experience, because everything seem so easy when she make the design but in reality if you try out, hopefully you will create a complete disaster. When you stay beside a Master of Ceramics you feel in your body the energy and the passion of the master, and moreover that passion is contagious: you will learn easier and better.

Usually Masters have a different point of  view on life (an interesting one)  due to their continuuos personal research. The opportunity to share good time with a Master, makes the experience profound, revealing small but important details.

Reserve your Best experiences in Italy in your next week-end or in your transformative travel.



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The Italian Opera Florence’s exhibitions are overwhelming and the emotion that one feels listening to these lyric opera singers literally makes your veins vibrate.

No microphone needed

to amplify the sound in your head: you are so close to the singers!.


19/02/2020, 26/02/2020


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