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Painting  class – life session during a wine festival
Discover the Tiberius Bridge, an en-plein-air watercolor workshop with a wine Tasting led by the artist Alessandro La Motta
Like Turner on his Grand Tour in Italy armed with block, watercolors and a fine wine.





Place: Rimini. Emilia Romagna region. TIBERIUS BRIDGE.

1h 10 min from Bologna, 2h  from Venice, 2h 20 min from Gubbio, 45 min from Faenza, 1h min from Ravenna.

Luogo: Ponte di Tiberio, piazza sull’acqua, Rimini co. pontile Associazione Marinando

Bimillennial Tour – 2021
“Grand Tour” in Rimini “refining” the eyes and hands in search of beauty
This year, 2,000 years have passed since the inauguration of the Tiberius Bridge.
The construction work on the bridge over the Ariminum river began in 14 AD. by the will of Emperor Octavian Augustus, and completed under the command of his nephew Tiberius, in 21 AD.
Two thousand years that have made this Roman bridge, which has remained substantially intact, crossed by peoples and populations and seen and visited by countless people.
The immersive experience re-proposes the typology of the Grand Tour that artists and writers had already carried out from the end of the eighteenth century and for a good part of the nineteenth century, painting the landscapes they crossed in their sketchbooks.
At that time the trip to Italy, the elite considered it as a necessary rite of passage: initiation into culture and beauty, which started from the Alps to reach the extreme Sicily.  Big cities as Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples but also Rimini with its Roman vestiges already immortalized in its “ruins” Gian Battista Piranesi.
Among the most famous artists, from Palladio to Piranesi to Turner, who were specially portrayed the monument, the Tiberius Bridge was a star. Their works can be found today in the collections of the Tate Gallery and the British Museum.

Among the artists who designed and crossed the Tiberius bridge and navigated among its millenary arches there is certainly William Turner one of the most revolutionary artists of the nineteenth century and who passes through Rimini on two occasions on his travels in Italy, leaving us testimony in his Sketchbooks.
And today we will tell and discover the history of the Bridge through the eyes of Turner and a contemporary artist, Alessandro La Motta, who will guide us in this experience.
A collection of looks, emotions and details; a code with which to decrypt the city to form an immersive experience in its monuments: the goal is to access unconventional exploration, to really learn live.


You may find it difficult to capture all the beauty of the Tiberius Bridge but just trying it can have an extremely positive impact. Painting is a meditative act: it takes you out of yourself, freeing you from your physical limits. This means that you are focusing only on the present and the artwork in front of you as you paint, clearing your mind of intrusive worries and thoughts.
Researchers from Germany found that people who spent time creating visual art actually showed greater connectivity in their brains during fMRI scans and showed improvements in “psychological resilience,” a term that describes a person’s ability to cope with negative emotions and remain happy and functional during stressful living conditions
Painting gives vent to one’s emotions. Painting is an exercise for the whole brain, which strengthens the mind and triggers the activity of dopamine in the brain. So spending time indulging your creative spirit is basically aerobic for your brain
Children who are exposed to art from an early age – as shown by a study from the Arts Council of England – are also more likely to develop a solid passion for culture over the course of their lives, especially if encouraged to draw, color and to paint in first person.


Life drawing and watercolor workshop: view of the Tiberius Bridge from the water with watercolor in hand led by a talented Alessandro La Motta: Begin to love art and culture
Group size: min 6 – max 10.
The price includes: 1.5 hours of lessons. Normal ticket, reduced for under 18. Ask for the family rate.
At the end of the experience an aperitif will be offered
Access for the disabled: contact us to verify its feasibility. Please wear comfortable shoes
This experience will only take place in favorable climatic conditions. In case of cancellation due to bad weather, you can choose another date
A minimum number of travelers is required for this experience. (6) In case of cancellation due to failure to reach the minimum number, you can choose between another date or experience.
Write to us to submit your special cases

Booking terms/cancellation policy :

Release :  min 72 hrs from the requested date / availability ONLY upon Beautrip confirmation on the requested date.

Cancellation : NO REFUND if booking is cancelled within 7 days of the experience date


Thursdays and Mondays at sunset: meeting at 18.30, end around 20.00
The experience can also take place on other days on request
Can’t find the date you are interested in? Request it by mail


Alessandro La Motta, born in Rimini where he lives and works.
He has exhibited with his personal exhibitions in China, Israel, Belgium, the United States, Spain as well as in the main Italian galleries.
Invited to numerous reviews and awards, he participated in the 54th Venice Biennale for the Italy-Emilia Romagna Pavilion (2011).
He has been collaborating for years with poets and writers, creating artist’s books and creating sets for theatrical performances.
For years he has been looking for the Mediterranean identity through the myths and beauty of the classical world.
His recent work has been exhibited in archaeological museums and public institutions.
Marinando Association has contributed to both the enhancement of the Tiberius Bridge reservoir and the creation of sailing activities in the open sea for children with mental and physical handicaps.


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