What you will read in this article is dedicated to those who love truffles (#trufflelovers!), Those who check the prices of the white truffle 2021 on the various sites, who know the shopkeeper down the road how much the black truffle sells and if it is good , and who can’t wait for the Alba and Acqualagna Truffle Fair and at the end of the reading also the one in Pergola.
But it is also dedicated to those who love to eat tagliolini with freshly picked white fine truffle, egg or crostini with fine black truffle flakes, and winks at those who still haven’t figured out if they like truffles … an invitation to try the different shades of this tuber that changes flavor and smell in its various natures.
Yes, because there are many types of truffles:

tartufo assoluto experience

  • Precious White “Trifola”
  • Bianchetto or Marzuolo
  • Precious Black “Norcia”
  • Summer Black “Scorzone”
  • Winter Black “black truffle”
  • Smooth Black
  • Moscato or Nero Forte
  • Black truffle “winter scorzone”


Which allow you to enjoy it 311 days a year.
It is a claim that we met during our visit to Pergola, at Pergola Tartufi, which immediately helps to dispel the myth of a pleasure for only a limited period of the year.

fondatori di pergola tartufi

What brought us to Pergola tartufi?

Their personal history.
As always, we at Beautrip are attracted by people who love what they do and love their territory with whom they weave a story of mutual passion, which translates into respect and sustainable and beautiful projects.
For all those who think of a #planB in life, of a life in harmony with nature, these guys from Pergola Tartufi, Luca and Luca, after having traveled and experienced in the high-level business world, have decided to return to their land and give life to something unique and valuable: to re-live their country, promote it and bring together nature and people, around their great passion for truffles.
Thus were born the “tartufaia”, the shop, the kitchen, the collection of high gastronomy products, the absolute truffle experience, and the network of local collectors (almost 60) whom go with their dog every day to hunt black and white truffles, to take them as soon as they are picked to the kitchen (fresh!) to transform them into gourmet products (white fine truffle cream, flavored oil ..) sold online all over the world  to chefs and gourmets clients.



Pergola tartufi

Absolut Truffle Six Senses experience

We experienced  their “absolute truffle sensory experience“: it’s different  from the usual truffle hunt experiences  we lived. It does not take place in the woods, at the dog’s chase between brambles and river fords, but in a hill open to the magnificent landscape where a real truffle cultivation has been created.
We arrive in what is more correctly called “truffle ground”, and what strikes us in the first moments is the desire to make people understand how the profession of the truffle is carried out, the various types of truffles, such as the truffle ground facilitates and makes more safe and constant the collection of the “black gold” (as truffles are called), and the beautiful relationship that the truffle hunter has with his dog.
For sure, the dog is the most important resource: the harvest depends on it, which can be worth € 30,000 per harvester in a year. But unlike in ancient times, when the dog was forced with weights to keep his head down, or put in danger to have him hunted even in places with vipers and other dangers, here Luca has organized everything in a sustainable and careful way. With a spirit of care: dogs have a treatment with a specialist, a sort of psychologist-educator-masseur who makes sure that the dog is treated well by its owner, that it is not exploited and that it regenerates its strength.
The experience is a crescendo: to the cultural moment follows the sensory one. Luca wants to make people understand the fusion between the landscape and the people visiting, his systemic vision of the truffle: how this tuber manages to touch all the senses inside and outside of you. And it does so by enhancing the 5 senses! From the view of the untouched hills, to the amplification of the sound of the noises of the dog in search, to the touch of the velvety surfaces of the truffle, to the smell of freshly picked truffle flakes, freshly grated on bread from the local oven.

The climax that is worth the trip, and which I hope will soon become an online goodness is a creation of a gourmet food. Someone might call it molecular cuisine, but in reality it is an exquisite and secret recipe invented by the chefs who collaborate with Luca, unique and unmissable for a real #tartufolover.
Imagine being able to bite a truffle and multiply the taste in your mouth by 20: as if a sudden explosion had flooded your mouth and awakened your taste buds. I can’t say anything more: the risk of spoiling is high!
Summarizing after the truffle hunt then we had the truffle tasting on the spot in the open air of the freshly harvested truffle, the sensory activities and then finally eating the gourmet creation 100% truffle truffle. Truffle.

Luca’s systemic vision and love for his territory, which we can define truly ecological, in addition to the involvement of the many collectors, the creation of a production cycle in harmony with nature and which allows everyone to enjoy it, translates into the involvement of other activities significant for Pergola:
  • farmhouses where you can eat tagliolini with truffles and other deli sitting in the warmth of the restaurant,
  • the fabulous museum of the gilded bronzes of Pergola, the only group of gilded bronze that has come from Roman times to the present day,
  • mountain biking, trekking and horseback riding and
  • in summer, swimming at the waterfall.
There is therefore a range of possibilities of activities and passions to try! All year long.
For those who want to start preparing before visiting Pergola or to give some gifts to friends as well as to themselves … I recommend buying some products from their shop at this link,
In any case, if you are a #trufflelover, I would book the absolute Truffle 6 Senses experience as soon as possible by writing to experience@beautrip.it
(a weekend away complete with a visit to the museum and a good dinner)






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