What we like to do

We produce a new way for people to travel throughout the world by undergoing emotional connections and getting to know the finest artisans in the world -searching for Beauty.  We create an experience that  should fulfill three criteria: l) it should evoke interest; 2) its form should be memorable; and 3) it should invite revisiting. 

We accept suggestions from everybody and anyone, and then we select the best experiences that fit with our Manifesto: they must be good for you, good for us, good for people we care, good for the planet.

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daniela brighi ceo @beautrip

Daniela Brighi
CEO / Founder

From Deep green Building Architecture, trough green communication and video production, with a Deeply aesthetic taste, innovative and passionate, positive person …with a lot of humour.

Leandro De Aguiar

Multiple entrepreneur, multiple company founder, has a vocation for businness

Alessandro Giovanardi
Art expert

Iconology, Iconography, symbols and ancient paintings are my passion as explaining in an amazing way to people. From Bisantio to Rome, crossing cultural borders.