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This is a true story

Once upon a time there was a very special artisan. Actually she’s still alive and still working…but maybe when you are reading this text she won’t exist anymore.

How many times do you struggle against life changings? How many of us are still fighting the flatness of today’s culture?  Maybe too many times. This time should be different.

Today we met a great artist, an amazing woman with a strong culture on Maiolica tecniques. Internationally known as one of the “Best Artisan in Europe” during the Homo Faber exhibition in Venice in 2018. The Faience Maiolica dates back to the Middle Age: one of the italian ancientest tecniques. And she knows a lot a lot lot lot about decorations, colours, patterns, shapes, materials, firing ceramics products.

Despite her success, she’s not supported by people: she is alone with her passion. How long will her passion continue to support her? How is it possible that people don’t recognize her value and the importance of this heritage for all of us?

Is it possible to act together in order to save her knowledge and to protect her from the oblivion of the mass?

It’s for her that we create the campaign “Save the Artisan” and Beautrip as well.

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